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Jen Murse ❋ Anna Smylie Caldwell ❋ Chelsea Lee ❋ Andrea Stadelman ❋ Chris Ereneta ❋ Claudia Ng ❋ Sheila Quinn


Square’s employee resource groups needed an imaginative, flexible brand system to highlight their contributions within the company and at external events.

Asian Pacific Islander Squares design

Fabric was a trans-cultural visual unifer. As universal and important as food, fabric permeates our lives. Countries across Asian and into the Pacific Islands each have their own distinct fabric styles, but they all shared this important piece of culture heritage.

Other Communities

As the lead for Of Size (a brand new ERG I founded in late 2018), I worked with my own community to develop this design. My goal was to demonstrate how despite being different sizes and shapes, all Squares come together cohesively to create one company. The mosaic style is a perfect metaphor for this.
A project that involved a great deal of research, this was a great chance to produce a design and an item that would suit women of all sizes and would be appropriate for the San Francisco climate. More importantly, it gave WomENG members something to get people talking about women's contributions.
When a number of BSA Squares approached me to work with them on this design, I couldn't say no. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Marc, a product designer and BSA member, on this design. The challenge here was to create a symbol that reflected all black Squares. They had a number of concepts that revolved around the African continent, but I found it to be part of my contribution to help move them in a more modern direction, as not all black Squares identify Africa as being part of their heritage. The final design takes a big step forward, towards the celebration of black culture in America.

I enjoyed collaborating with BK to bring the API-Squares design to life - she was an empathetic and communicative design partner who helped translate the group's mission into a fresh and fun design. She also made sure to incorporate feedback from cross-functional partners throughout the process, so we all felt involved in the final product.

Julia Lee, Technical program manager, Square