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Oura's editorial content makes complex science easy to understand; I'm the person who visualizes all that content.

Editorial illustration at Oura

My editorial work at Oura is comprised mostly of scientific assets. I work directly with the science team and their scientists to illustrate and explain complex concepts in three main categories: sleep, temperature, and women's health. We have also done work around respiration.


These illustrations and graphs come from a series of Oura articles.


When Oura completes a study around one of their important metrics, we tend to publish a blog article helping folks better understand the study. Check it out live: How Accurate Is Oura’s Respiratory Rate?

Women's Health

This article majorly upgrades the level of sophistication for how we talk about women’s health and hormone cycles. Check it out live: How Your Menstrual Cycle Impacts Your Entire Body

Your menstrual cycle progresses through known stages: menstruation, the follicular phase (including ovulation), and the post-ovulatory luteal phase.
Your menstrual cycle impacts your entire body (heart, brain, metabolism, etc.) and not just your vagina, ovaries, uterus.
How your hormones are impacted by your cycle
The menstrual cycle Isn’t something to be dominated. Instead, it is something to be in tune with as a call to action because we can always be more familiar and explore but we can’t actually demand that our cycle be a different way. We should work with our body’s rhythms.
How your body's signals are impacted by your cycle

Bonnie Kate is an exceptional illustrator and an incredible strategic partner. BK was hired to bring the incredibly complex scientific concepts in my head to life and she knocked it out of the park. BK worked tirelessly to understand the true core of what I was trying to communicate and was able to gently push me in the right direction when I was stuck in a rut. Her illustrations on female health have been indispensable in helping us change the way women understand their bodies. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat and consider her a secret weapon.

Caroline Kryder, Science Communication, Oura