I am an expert icon designer. I authored A Complete Guide to Iconography on DesignSystems.com, as well as A Beginner's Guide to Iconography on Uxcel.com. I've worked as a contractor, coming in and overhauling huge libraries or creating libraries from scratch. I've also worked in-house with both product and marketing teams to create their libraries, and to work project-by-project on iconography alongside their illustration needs. I love creating style guides to empower teams to understand why we made the choices we did.


These duo-tone icons are designed to be used as part of a story. Using as many filled shapes as possible, they should scale nicely. Any lines are set to 4px for indigo 3 and 3px for indigo 1, meaning darker colors have slightly lighter lines. The darker shade is used to enhace the icon and create depth and should be used minimally. When possible, icons are simple, chunky, and flat.

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Bonnie Kate was hired to develop a whole illustration design system for the educational content that my team creates. We had been running into issues around how to scale our illustrations, while still keeping them interesting. Bonnie Kate went above and beyond in delivering that and more. Not only was the system visually stunning, but also incredibly easy and intuitive to use. She put a lot of thought into the look and feel of the illustrations, and also into the logic behind how elements could be pieced together and still retain their visually branded identity, both in color and form. Besides being incredibly talented at her skillset, she's also a pleasure to wefvsefsefsfork with and was easily able to fold into our existing team as she worked with us.

Gaelen Sayres
Educational Content Producer, Lyft


Square's icon system has over 1000 icons. I built around 700 of our icons, taking over where our design director left off. All of them are built in Figma, meaning that they are easily accessible to both marketing and product designers. I then worked with our engineering team to implement all these icons into our manifest.

The biggest testament to BK’s effectiveness is that nearly 1.5 years after she left Square, we were still actively using the illustration library she left for us. I consistently and constantly wished she was still on our staff, so much so that we outsourced work to her long after her departure.

Helen Shaffer
Senior Product Designer, Square


These icons each have a charming, delightful personality. Through perspective, dimensionality, and subject matter our icons are active and magical. They have a particular charm due to their dimensionality. The movement, light, heat, and sound reflect the real world. To create this motion, I used a combination of lines, dots, circles, crosses, and stars, depending on the topic.

Bonnie Kate is one of the most dynamically creative people I have ever met. She's not only a joy to be around, but she outputs at an extremely high level. She's also an excellent teacher – her article on icon design is the most visited article in the history of DesignSystems.com and she quite literally had a line out the door for her talk at Config, Figma’s design conference. If you're looking for a brand, illustration, or icon, I can’t recommend Bonnie Kate enough.

Toni Gemayel
Growth, Figma


Working directly with designers on the product team, I helped develop icons for Airbnb Experiences that matched their current set.

Bonnie Kate is a deep believer in her craft. I loved working with her because she brought her talent with zeal and passion. She cares about solving the problem, but also cares about the user on the other side. She's super flexible when things need to adapt, and super creative when coming across something brand new and really tough. No one's more committed and more reliable in following through. You hit the jackpot with Bonnie Kate!

Matt Farag
Design Lead, Airbnb

The California Court System

These icons were built for a newly launched website that serves as a self-litigation resource. They help communicate complex concepts like self advocacy and simplify the process of advocating for oneself in court.

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Bonnie Kate is one of the most skilled professionals I've ever worked with in a 25+ year career. We hired her to create a system of illustrations in a challenging public-sector area that was completely new to her. She did the work to understand our needs, consistently reflected back our goals, and delivered a beautiful set of illustrations and icons with clear instructions on customizing and extending the system further. I don't think I've ever thought of illustration as strategic before, but Bonnie Kate is a strong strategy thinker & I learned from working with her that it can be. Highest recommendation.

Cyd Harrell
Civic Design Consultant


I rebuilt all the icons for the Oura product team, and added filled versions for every icon for future-proofing. We use clever breaks to help suggest space and shape.