Spring Health

An illustration system for a calmer mind

Iconography, illustration, and collaboration

As part of the expansion of the Spring Health brand and product experience, I developed and designed a suite of product icons as well as spot illustrations to be used in tandem with larger editorial illustrations.View Case Study

An icon system with a youthful glow

Icons, emojis, and spot illustrations

For the launch of Literati's Kids App, I designed an iconography, emoji, and spot illustration system that would appeal to both parents and children.View Case Study

An icon system fit for the big screen

A complete redesign at a massive scale

Netflix's product iconography across their mobile, web, and tv platforms, as well as their studio products was in need of a revamp.View Case Study

Blog Data Visualization

Simplification at its finest

Oura's editorial content makes complex science easy to understand; I'm the person who visualizes all that content.View Case Study
State of California

Iconography for justice

Iconography and illustration in California

A scaleable iconography and illustration system designed to speak to the millions of California residents about self-representation.View Case Study

Illustration system for driver safety

Ready for animation, ready for anything

Lyft’s driver learning platform needed a modular, comprehensive illustration system to educate drivers and keep them on the platform, and could support animation.View Case Study